What you need to know before you sign up for MotorPay Service


You will require a Telemoney Account for the MotorPay services. The MotorPay website and registration services are operated by a third party service provider, Systems@Work Pte Ltd ("Systems@Work"). By submitting an application to register for the Motorpay service, you are registering with System@Work and authorising Systems@Work to open a TELEMONEY Account in your name, and you agree to be bound by their Terms and Conditions governing use of the TELEMONEY Account, with effect from the date of Systems@Work's approval and acceptance of the said application. You further agree that any information provided by you to Systems@Work may be disclosed to DBS and/or LTA for the purposes of the MotorPay services.

Sign up now for your Telemoney Account. Existing Telemoney Account holders are kindly requested to re-register their details.

  1. For Singapore registered vehicles only.
  2. Valid cards are Visa and MasterCard only.
  3. Registration is limited to 10 vehicles per mobile account.
  4. A working IU must be installed in the vehicle at all times for this service.
  5. A monthly subscription fee is applicable for this service for each registered vehicle.
  6. You must provide us with accurate, complete and updated information when registering your particulars, and/or using this service. Please promptly update any change in your particulars relating to this service, including but not limited to any change in vehicle, IU number and mobile phone number.
  7. We will send notices or other communications to you via the email account supplied at the time of your application, or such updated email account as may be supplied to us from time to time. Any notices or communications sent via this email account will be deemed to be effectively sent to you and legally binding.
  8. You must receive our email/sms confirmation before each registration/update of information/ termination of account becomes effective.
  9. Until you receive our email/sms confirmation informing you of your successful vehicle registration for this service, you must keep a CashCard with sufficient value in your vehicle IU to pay for all applicable ERP charges and to avoid any fines.
  10. By registering for this service, you declare that you are the authorised user of the registered card and that you authorise DBS to charge to this card all applicable ERP charges incurred by your registered vehicle. You also agree that DBS may earmark a stipulated amount from your card for payment of all charges incurred under this service. DBS reserves the right to vary the earmark amount from time to time. All effort will be made to communicate any variation to you via the MotorPay website, or otherwise.
  11. Please keep your PIN confidential at all times. You shall be solely responsible for all use of your MotorPay account and for all charges incurred on your registered card through this service until your account is successfully terminated.